1. What is your definition of bullying?

My definition of bullying is someone that is being mean to someone else because they cannot do something as good as the other person can or  someone uses their strength or power to force someone to do something they want. Bullying can be in many different ways from physical bullying and verbal bullying which both are very bad and have the same effect on people.

2. Respond to the 3 video clips that we saw. Did you have a favourite?

All three of the videos that were shown all had a very good message on bullying and shows how bullying can really hurt someone. But bullying does not always go the way you want it to because sometimes it can back fire like the first two Pixar videos that were shown. My favourite video out of the three was To This Day. This video had a very deep message and the power of his voice just shows everyone that watches it how powerful bullying can be on someone.

3. What was the message that each portrayed?

These videos all showed that bullying is a very powerful thing and can hurt anyone that you bully. Bullying is not a thing that should be played around with and should be taken seriously as it happens all the time in schools and is still not solved even though it has been happening for many years. But they showed that in the end there is something you can do and something will happen to the bully (will face consequences) because of the act they have done.

4. What is cyberbullying? How does it differ from traditional bullying?

Cyberbully is the same thing as bullying but is done through the internet using your phone or computer to go on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Skype to bully them. Although cyberbullying is done through the internet and you can not do anything physical to them you can still hurt the person the same was as you did in person using verbal bullying. When someone gets cyberbullied it still has the same effect as if it was in person because verbal bullying can still hurt the person physically because of the words the other person use can influence the person to doing other things that will hurt them. It does differ a little bit but not a whole much is different.

5. Final thoughts? Origins of pink shirt day?

I think that pink shirt day is an amazing day to show that people all around the world care about the problem of bullying and want to stop it. I think that pink is the perfect colour to choose because many people (many boys) get made fun of because they wear pink which is a colour that is common on girls, doing this really shows that anyone can wear pink and not get made fun of.

Overall I think that bullying is probably the worst thing you can do to a person in your school and I think that it is horrible how it is such a big problem in the world today and hope that soon enough it would be solved, although it might take a very long time in the end it can end lots of depression people are facing.


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