Planet Creation


The basic’s you would need to create an avatar. Facial features like eyes, eyebrows and the mouth.

No need to pay for anything. Everything is unlocked and ready to use.


Cannot add any thing else like hands or the upper half of body, can only customize the face.

Cartoon avatar, realistic avatar’s look better.



Wide variety of customization from lots of clothing to lots of different faces and hair styles.

You can make an account on the website and save your avatar to edit it later if you forgot something.


Can not change the way your character’s position is. Everyone’s character is standing the same way.

You need to either make an account to unlock a lot more items or buy coins using real money.

Portrait Illustrator Maker


Tons of customization, add objects in your hands, many different facial features, etc.

Perfect for blogs or websites if you do not want to take an actual picture of yourself.


Can not make picture any bigger, very small. Also too pixelated for me.

Cannot customize lower body, only the upper half.



Lots of characters to choose from. You can choose a premade character and change them how ever you want. You can choose actors, presidents, anime characters and many more.

Your character can talk. Give it a line and choose the voice you want and you’re done! My avatar said “Hello my name is Jayden!”


There is no actual saving tool unless you make an account. This means that you cannot save the voice you made and your character unless you make an account which is why you need to use the snipping tool.

Many of the premade characters Voki gives you are part of packages that you need to buy on your account for real money.

South Park


Lots of different things to choose from. Facial features, clothing, things to hold in your hand and even put memes on your picture.

Picture you save is very big, not like other websites with very small avatars. Perfect for background of your computer or website.


Some things on the website are not school appropriate, but it is South Park.

Can not change the way your avatar stands. Stands in the same place for everyone that makes this avatar.

Lego Avatar Creator


You can change everything about your Lego avatar, arms, legs, body, and even put accessories like scarfs. You can also your arms or legs different from each other.

It is not an official Lego avatar creator, but they nailed it on making it look like an Lego person.


No actual saving feature on the website, you need to use the snipping tool or the PrtScn feature on your keyboard which does not give it the quality as it would if you were to save it from the website.

You can not change the position of your Lego character. It does not let you change the direction your character is standing which makes it kind of boring due to the fact of it not facing towards you.


Overall, all of them were very fun to use and most of them were easy to use but all out of all of them I would say that the South Park avatar maker is the best one. It has a lot of options to customize your character and everything is free. You can buy things from the website but that is if you want to make your avatar look better with basically premium stuff. The picture that you download is a very big size which some of the other websites are very small pictures. I really like that the creator of South Park made it so you can make your own avatar South Park style and they did a very good job with it! If I were to recommend a avatar maker to anyone I would recommend the South Park avatar maker. 


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