1. What happened over the past week?

In the past week, I was unfortunately not here on Monday for our Genius Hour day. But I remembered at home that it was Genius Hour day for Info Tech so I started to actually work on it on my computer at home. I was watching the same tutorials that I always watch and actually started to get some progress using Unity. I started to create different types of shapes and put textures on them to start the base of my game.

2. How did it make me feel?

I am happy that I finally started to actually get some progress on my Genius Hour project. So far it seems fairly easy to use because I have used something close to this type of program so I know mos to of the basics already.

3. What have I learned? What challenges have I faced?

I have learned the basics of Unity and am starting to get the hang of using it. So far I am pretty confident that I will know faster than I thought on how to use it.

One of the biggest challenges I am currently facing is that I do not have Unity on the school computer that I am currently using. If I do not have the program on this computer then I can only work on it at home and not at school!

4. How I am going to overcome these challenges.

I will definitely ask your help to download the program on this computer so I can work on it at school.

5. What failed and why did it happen?

Nothing failed on my progress to working on using Unity. But me being away on Monday is kind of a setback for Genius Hour project.

6. What do I anticipate for the future?

Next week, I hope that I will be able to make a large amount of progress on my project and hope to learn a lot more about how to use Unity. I hope that I can learn some of the hidden features built into it that I do not know about and hope that it will help me in the future.

7. Write about what you learned. If you did not learn anything, why?

I learned a lot about Unity, it is a fairly simple program to use for a lot of people even if you are not too good with using computers you can read about it or watch tutorials like I am. I learned most of the basic features on it. I do feel like I would of learned more about it if I was not in bed all day because I was sick. But I hope to catch up next Genius Hour day.

8. Name one important thing that you learned. Why is it important?

On Monday, I learned about how to move around, resize things and rotate objects in Unity, I also learned how to texture things and make them look nice and not all pixely. These are very important because these are basic features that every person that wants to make a game using Unity should know about because you will need to use these basic tools and controls throughout your entire project.


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