1. What did you think about the EA website you used yesterday? Did you enjoy the lessons? Explain.

I really enjoyed the lessons that we did yesterday. I think that it is a very cool idea to be showing kids taking some sort of technology class this kind of stuff like coding and HTML. Some of the people doing these lessons might like them and do something close to this in the future. The way that they made it is like a game and might attract a lot of people because of the story line of it and the fact that there is some coding involved in it.

2. What modules did you complete?

First I did the missions that they wanted me to complete, and when I was done those I started doing all the other ones in order. In the end I finished all the way up to Mission 8. All of them were a mix of coding, HTML and Math.

3. Did you find the lessons easy or difficult? Explain.

I found all of them very easy actually even though they said that some of them are hard. You need to listen to the videos first and understand what you are about to do and the simply follow the instructions. But not doing so will make it difficult for you.

4. Should we finish the lessons? Explain.

Yeah! I think that we should finish the lessons. It is good learning for us and adds a little bit of fun. We should finish these when we have extra time.

5. Final Thoughts?

I hope that we do something else like this in the future, it was lots of fun and actually taught us a lot of stuff about coding, HTML and some math.


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