What did you think of Animoto and learning about Copyright?

Learning about copyright is very important now a days, almost everything has copyright on it from music and photos and us doing this lesson is a good way to keep us safe from paying money to the owner of the song or pictures you downloaded. The only thing that I do not like about filtering out the copyrighted photos on Google is that most of the pictures that you want to use are copyrighted and you do not get much selection so it makes it kind of hard to find good photos for my Animoto video.

Animoto is a cool program that you can use with a free trial, although I do think that in the future I will probably not use this program again just because I like videos where you can edit lots of things, you are very limited on Animoto when it comes to editing. You can only place pictures, give them a description and add a outro and intro. I also do not want to pay for the program and because of this I get a big watermark across the screen which might be annoying for some people. The about section where we put our bibliography also has a limited amount of space so I was unable to fit all of the links on there where is kind of inconvenient. I would recommend Animoto to someone who is not too familiar with editing stuff and just wants to make a quick slideshow.

My Animoto Video


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