What is your opinion on people taking music, videos and pictures off the internet without permission?

People that take other peoples work like pictures, videos and music is obviously not the right thing to do, but because of how big the internet is and what types of things we have it makes it so much easier to get access to illegally downloading files. So many people do it now a days that it is getting harder and harder for ISP’S to catch some people, or in the USA the law actually comes into action and you can get sued for downloading one little thing. I do think that it is the wrong thing to do because you should be giving the artists of these things money or the credit they deserve because that is why they work on these things. Some people make a living off of making music and videos but it does not help when you are stealing it and not giving them any money. My dad actually used to download music off of Youtube which is something that you are not supposed to do and one day we got a letter from our ISP telling us to stop or they will take action (or shut down all of our services like internet and TV) which really taught us a lesson. There are many websites out there to download music and videos off of Youtube and it looks like Google has actually done nothing to stop them.

If I do listen to music I listen on Spotify where you can listen to any song you want which is free and legal because every time you listen to their song they actually get paid for it. I also started to buy movies if I really wanted to watch them from iTunes or use Netflix to watch movies which you do not need to fear of copyright or getting sued. 


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