What did you learn and what website was your favorite? Why?

I learned today that there were a lot more websites than Google Docs where you can collaboratively write on documents. You can use them for school projects or businesses so you do not need to send your document back and forth but you can edit at the exact time. Many websites did the same jobs as Google Docs which is where I first found out about it with color codes, different fonts and a lot more. A lot of the websites that I we reviewed today were the same and was kind of pointless, Meetingwords was basically the same thing as three other websites to it made it hard to write pros and cons for the websites.

Even though I review 8 other websites that also did collaborative writing, Google Docs is still the best one out of all of them. It does the job much better than all other websites. You can see who is writing, you can add hundreds of different fonts and sizes, you can even add extensions to your document and save it latter to edit it in Word. The only thing that is a con for Google Docs is that the only way you can use it is to create a Google account, but in the end it is totally worth it.

I would definitely use Google Docs in the future to work with other people on school projects, use it for an essay and get other people to proofread it and share it easily to other people.


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