1. What strategies did you use to complete this work?

I used my my knowledge of knowing good websites to choose to for reliable sources and real facts about websites. I used it for facebook and the facts that are on my timeline are all true. If I did not know about these websites I would have probably used a different website and hope that it was a reliable website.

2. How does this work connect to your interests or life experiences?

It connects to my interests and life experiences because I like to use Facebook all the time and learning about what happens behind the scenes and how it evolved very quickly was just amazing for me. It really connects to anyone who likes to use Facebook daily and is interested in what is actually happening when they are using Facebook.

3. Which aspects of the assignment were easy for you? Which ones were difficult?

Most of this assignment was easy for me, it was just to put facts on the website and put some pictures with it to make it not look so bland. The harder part of this assignment was definitely finding facts for the assignment that were not fake and false.  I had to use websites that look like they were trusted and had to look up the facts on different websites to see if they were actually true.

What surprised you about this assignment?

Learning about Facebook while doing this assignment really surprised me. There were lots of different facts and things that happened a long time ago before I actually knew what Facebook was and learning all of this now is very surprising to me. But at the same time it is a very cool thing to learn about.

What are you still wondering about now that you have completed the assignment?

I was very curious about how big Facebook is now. They have not updated their user count in a while and just 6 years ago they were at 1 billion users. I would also like to know how much it costs to keep their servers up without any crashes or laggy ness and how are they able to pay for it. Where do they get their money from?

My Timeline:

Facebook Timeline


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