Link to my Fakebook – Click here!

I chose Gabe Newell to research because he is a person that has changed video games for PC and caused the big spike in PC gaming. I love PC gaming too and has created software called Steam where you can buy your game online which is very helpful and millions of people are using it nowadays. He also created Valve which is the company who started all of this and started the development of the Half-Life series dating back to 1990’s. He is definitely one of those people that changed everything for video games.

I thought that Fakebook was an okay program, it did an okay job at matching what Facebook looks like as it looked really dated because of how much Facebook has changed nowadays. It had lots of bugs with it, it kept scrolling down randomly to the page and it made it almost impossible to work because when I would scroll back up it would just go back down. The people that you chose as your friends on Fakebook just gave out random photos of different people with the same names and now the same as I wanted it to be and you cannot change that. I had a problem where it would not accept my password  for some reason and the only way I could fix it was to open the website on an incognito tab in Chrome, that made it work. I would probably not use this for another class just because it is a lot easier to just make a powerpoint or something else other than going through all of these bugs. I also really did not like the fact that you had to make 5 posts before you could actually save your work. Overall it was an okay program but I personally would probably never use it again.

I created my Fakebook on ClassTools – Fakebook,


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