1. What happened over the past week?

Over the past week, I worked on my Genius Hour project like every Monday. I made some more progress on my game and learned some more new stuff to add to my game. I was also away on Monday which is also why I am a bit behind on my Genius Hour project but I hope to catch up on it again.

2. How did it make you feel?

Monday was a great day for me, I felt productive and wanted to do a lot that day and that is what I did. I worked very hard that day even though I did feel a little sick from last week, I still worked hard to try and catch up on the one Genius Hour day I missed last week.

3. What did you learn and what challenges did you face?

I learned a lot new stuff yesterday, I finally learned how to put trees on my game to make the place look a lot better and to just put some nice scenery. I also started to finally code a lot more by actually making my own script to move stuff how I want it to and I made my own river in the game. I did not face any challenges today which is a good thing!

4. How are you going to overcome these challenges?

I did not face any challenges, so I cannot overcome them!

5. What failed and why did this happen?

So far nothing has failed on me yesterday, the game is definitely starting to turn slower because of all the things that I am adding to the game but it is not a big problem as it is still usable.

6. What do you anticipate in the future?

I do hope that next week when I work on my Genius Hour project, I start to learn coding more with Javascript and start to work on making my game look better overall by adding more trees, more mountains and stuff that would make a game look a lot better!

7. Write what you learned, if you learned anything or if you did not, explain why.

I definitely learned a lot yesterday about using Unity, I was really excited to be back and working on my Genius Hour project because it is very fun to work on. I learned coding, adding more beauty to the game and importing assets like bridges or other structures.

8. Any problems/difficulties with your Genius Hour project? How will you overcome these?

No problems right now, a difficulty could be the fact that because I am adding a lot more stuff to my game, the computer is starting to struggle on handling everything in my game and now it is starting to lag quite a bit. I can still use and work on my game but it did feel a lot better when it was nice and smooth in the beginning. I cannot really overcome this problem just because it is because this computer was not really built to handle gaming stuff like Unity, so I think I will just need to stick with it.




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