1. What happened over the past week?

Over the past week, I started to work more on my Genius Hour project learning new things and working more on my game using Unity. I started to learn a bunch of new things with scripting and more stuff in the program. I am so far only 8 episodes into the tutorial as they are pretty long (around 1 hour each episode).

2. How did it make you feel?

It made me feel great, I really like learning new things using Unity as there are so many features implanted into this program and I am always learning new things every Monday. Now that I know what I am going to be working on next Monday I cannot wait to be working on my Genius Hour project again.

3. What did you learn, did you face any challenges?

I learned a lot more about coding in JavaScript using Virtual Studio and what each thing means to help me more in the future, I also learned how to pick up things and move them around with the mouse, you can pick up things and place them where ever you want them to be and I also learned how to code to make things spin around. I did not face any challenges.

4. How are you going to overcome these challenges?

I did not face any challenges yesterday, everything went very smooth!

5. What failed and why did this happen?

Nothing really failed, but sometimes the computer would hang and freeze because of all the stuff I am putting in my game now and when I would load up Virtual Studio to start coding, it would freeze and I would need to wait there for five minutes for it to start up. Other than that everything else was good.

6. What do you anticipate in the future?

I want to have this game done on time for Genius Hour, I also hope that I will be able to add a scoring feature in my game to collect things around the world and I want to make sure that the game is good to run on computers at school.

7. What did you learn, if you did not learn anything, why?

I did learn a lot yesterday, I started to learn more about coding JavaScript using Virtual Studio to code, I also learned how to make things spin in game, I made a glowing coin spin in game and I am hoping that later I will be able to make that coin collectible, I also made it possible for people in the game to pick up objects around the world and place them wherever they wanted to and I added some nice fences around my place to make the little village and houses look a lot nicer.

8. What is another way to look at your project? If you could change one thing about your project, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing about my project, it would probably be the style of the game, right now I am currently making a game where you can just walk around and interact with things around you but now that I think of it, I would really like to make a more action packed game where you can go around and maybe fight things. I think that it would be a lot better.




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