Lesson 1

Include a couple sentences explaining what you did to create your picture, eg, Tools and techniques. Tell me what you learned.

To create this collage, I used a bunch of tools in Photoshop. I used the marquee tool for some of the buildings as it was probably the easiest to work with, the lasso tool was a very cool tool that I used to carve out the clock and I used the magic wand tool to get rid of the blue sky for the tall tower. For the Grandville Island picture, I added some back shadow to it to make it pop out more which is something that we have not learned how to use yet, but I have used Photoshop before so I know many of the basics. I did not know about the magnetic lasso tool before, and it is a very cool tool to use.

Here is my picture:


Lesson 2: Text Tool

Creating this text was very easy as there is a tool that is very easy to find and use, the one thing that I did not know about was the tool to give an effect to the text (like to bend the text). It gives it a very cool bending effect that makes the picture look a lot nicer. I also used some of the text effects that come with Photoshop to give it some gradient and put some black stroke around it so that it would “pop out”.

Picture: Lesson2




Lesson 3: Clone Stamp Tool

In this Lesson we used 3 types of tools that all would get rid of something and replace it with something in the picture to make it blend in. For the first one we used the Clone Stamp Tool, you would select something you want to want to use like leaves and paint over the thing you would want to get rid of. The second picture was using the healing brush tool which basically does the exact same thing as the clone stamp tool but was a lot easier to use. The final picture used to have wires and leaves in the picture but was then gone because I used the Patch Tool which does the came thing but you are able to circle the part that you want to get rid of (kind of like a lasso tool).


Duck - Before


Duck - After

Healing Brush Tool:




acne - after

Patch Tool:


Sinclair Centre


Sinclair Centre - After

Willow Tree – All Tools

To do this picture, I used all of the tools I used in this lesson to get rid of the man standing in front of the pond, I got rid of the ducks in the pond and I fixed up the willow tree a little bit by adding some more yellow to it.


Willow Tree


Willow Tree - After

Lesson 4


Using the Grayscale tool, I turned the photo into black and white, and then back into RGB mode where it would not turn the whole color back into its original colors but let me add some colors myself.












Color Balance

Using the Color Balance tool, I added some more color into this picture to make it seem more realistic and better looking, it gave the colors a brighter look which made it look real nice.




Monument - Balanced

Brightness and Contrast

This tool is used just to brighten up the picture and make it look a lot better so you can actually see the picture. I turned up the brightness a little bit and I added some more contrast because the picture I was working with was definitely too dark.






This tool would make it so it would turn the thing you have selected into Grayscale (Black and white). I selected the flowers and used the inverse button to select everything except the flowers and used the Desaturate adjustment.




Flowers - After

Replace Color

Out of all the tools, this was probably the easiest tool to use just because you would select what color you would want the adjustment to select, and it would select them and change all the colors to your liking.




Leaves - After

Hue Saturation

This effect would just change the picture’s color to make ti look good. In this case I changed the picture to black and white to make the picture look like a western picture.




Katelyn - After

All Effects

In this picture, I combined all the effects to make this black and white picture look like a colored picture, I used the hue saturation tool to add color to their faces, I used the magic wand tool on a lot of this picture and changed the brightness using the Color Balance tool to add some color and then finally added some more brightness and contrast to make the picture nice and bright.




Recolour - After

Lesson 5

Flaming Text

I chose the flaming text picture that I did because it has a nice effect on it and it was a fun and easy tutorial to follow.

Flaming Text


Night Lightning

I also chose the Night Lightning picture because it was a very cool tutorial and was fun making the lightning. It has a very nice effect on it too and it really does look like lightning on a night covered by clouds.

Night Lightning.jpg

Photoshop Final Project

Here is my SlideSpeech for my final project!

Click here


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