1. What happened over the past week?

Over the past week, I as usual have been working on my Genius Hour project. I have made some good progress on my game right now. I have not been stuck on anything yet but I did have some troubles when trying to some of the animating stuff. I learned some new stuff but not a whole lot of things.

2. How did it make you feel?

It made me feel happy as usual. Although I was not feeling as into working on my project yesterday. I just felt really tired and had no energy but I still was able to work on it, just a little slower than usual but in the end it still worked out.

3. What did you learn and what challenges did you face?

I learned how to put a weapon in front of the camera that will actually be usable in game, I also learned a little bit more about coding using JavaScript and fixed up some problems that I was having in the past. Everything was running smoothly until I actually started animating my weapon animation which was a little tricky to do because sometimes you would need to delete the whole thing if you do the wrong thing.

4. How are you going to overcome these challenges?

I will just need patience on working on the animation and will need to just make it look good and not sloppy.

5. What failed and why did this happen?

Nothing failed entirely, it was just some problems that happened in the process.

6. What do you anticipate in the future?

I am hoping to have this game done by the end of Genius Hour, but right now it is not looking likely right now because I am not that close to being done my project. But I will definitely try my best to get it done.

7. Write what you learned, and if you did not learn anything, why?

I did learn some stuff, although I did not learn as much as I wanted to just because I was definitely feeling very tried that day and did not feel like working a lot but I managed to push myself through it. I learned about animating, scripting and just small little bug fixes for my game to make sure it runs smoothly.

8. Write one question about yesterday’s content, something that left you puzzled.

I just want to know if there is anyway I can make Unity less laggy right now, but it does seem near impossible unless you upgrade the computer. I tried looking already and did not find anything that actually worked.


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