1. What happened over the past week?

Over the past week as usual I was working on my Genius Hour project and adding more and more things to my game. This week I did learn quite a few things when following the tutorials that I will explain later in the blog. This week’s Genius Hour was a productive one too.

2. How did it make you feel?

It makes me feel great like it always does. When learning about lots of new things it just make me feel good because I will be able to use these things for myself in the future if I ever want to make another game like I am doing right now.

3. What did you learn and what challenges did you face?

This week’s Genius Hour I worked and learned a lot about using Unity. I learned how to add text boxes for other people in my game, I learned how to add NPC’S to my game and how to interact with them, I learned how to make a quest system in my game and I finally finished up my weapon animation to make my weapon fully functional.

I did not face any challenges while working on my game this week.

4. How are you going to overcome these challenges?

I did not face any challenges.

5. What failed and why did this happen?

Nothing failed for me this week, everything went smoothly as it can go. I am hoping that it will continue like this.

6. What do you anticipate for the future?

I am hoping that in the future I will be able to show off my game and the progress I have made on it so far. I also need to have my powerpoint finished to show to the people so they have an idea for what they are about to play.

7. Write about what you learned, and if you did not learn anything, why?

I learned how to put NPC’s into my game to make them talk to me and give me quests which is also another thing I added into my game. A quest system that makes it so NPC’S are able to give me quests to do and when I complete them I will get something in return and I learned how to put text boxes to understand what they are saying. I also learned to fix up my weapon to make it fully functional. All of these things had something to do with coding and there was lots of line of coding I needed to write. All of this was written in JavaScript.

8. List tasks that you need in order to complete your Genius Hour presentation for Monday, June 19. Will your project be in good shape, if you are done your project, what project will you work on next?

  • Have my game finished by Monday, June 19
  • Have a powerpoint explaining what my game is about and how to work the game (controls, details, how I created the game)
  • Have a fully functional keyboard and mouse to play
  • Make sure the computer is going to be able to run the game.

At this rate, sadly it does seem like I will not be able to have my project done by the time I am supposed to have it done (Monday, June 19). I am working as hard as I can to get this project done but just because there are so many things you need to do to make your game work properly, it just takes up a lot of time. If I keep working though I could have more done before the presentation and maybe have it done but right now it seems like I won’t have it done in time.


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