1. What happened over the past week?

Over the past week, like usual I worked on my Genius Hour project which is a game that I am currently creating using the gaming engine Unity. Right now I am more than half done my project but everything is coming along pretty well.

2. How did it make you feel?

Yesterday was a good day for working on my Genius Hour project just because the more I get into making my game, the more advanced things there are and you start to add more mechanics and I am usually always excited to come back every Monday to work on my project.

3. What did you learn and what challenges did you face?

Yesterday I did not learn too much just because I worked on a lot of things last Genius Hour so this one was a little chill. I learned how to make a NPC talk back to me and give me a quest to go collect something, for this instance I accepted the quest from the villager and he told me that someone stole some of his gold and asked me if I could go grab it for him, once I did then I returned it to him and finished the quest. That is really all I did for monday but it required A LOT of coding to make it work properly.

I did not really face any challenges, maybe just one though which is that I know that I will not have this project done by the 19th of June

4. How are you going to overcome these challenges?

I am going to do is work on my project at home everyday just in time for it to be finished for Genius Hour presentation day. I will work on one tutorial which is roughly 20 minutes long each and I will work on one of those each day.

5. What failed and why did this happen?

Nothing failed while working on my project, which is sort of surprising since this computer cannot really handle the game but it is still running smoothly.

6. What do you anticipate for the future?

I will hopefully be able to present my project in time to show people at the Genius Hour booths.

7. Write about what you learned and if you did not learn anything, why?

Yesterday I finally put a quest into my game to give the same some more fun into my game. I made the NPC talk back to me so I can accept quests from him and when I completed the quest I would get a reward for it. All of it had to with scripting with JavaScript and it was not that hard it just took a while to write all of those lines of code.

8.What do you think is causing your project to turn out the way it did?

Not saying that my project did not turn out the way I wanted it too of course, I just wish that I could make my game look much better than it looks now because right now it looks really pixely but I just think that it has something to with the computers not having GPU’s in them.



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