Assignment #1 – Dancing Cat

Click Here!

Assignment #2 – Birthday Card

Click Here!

Assignment #3 – Animate My Name

Click Here!

Assignment #4 – Flying Cat

Click Here!

Assignment #5 – Make Music

Click Here!

Assignment #6 – Race To The Finish

Click Here!

Assignment #7 – Hide-and-Seek

Click Here!

Assignment #8 – Let’s Dance

Click Here!

Assignment #9 – Catch Game

Click Here

Assignment #10 – Create a Pong Game

Click Here!

Assignment #11 – Create a Virtual Pet

Click Here!

Assignment #12 – Fashion Game

Click Here!

Assignment #13 – Create a Story

Click Here!

Scratch Blog: 

Scratch being a programming language means that it is the language of the computer. It teaches you how to use this language to help you in the future, maybe with coding or HTML. I have written with JavaScript before when doing my Genius Hour project so I kind of got the hang of using JavaScript.  Two examples of programming language could be JavaScript like I mentioned or C#.

I did quite enjoy using Scratch to learn the basics of creating codes with the little tiles that they provide you. The tutorials that they give you are rather straight forward, you just need to read exactly what they say and follow the pictures or GIFs that they give you. They also give you tons of Sprites that you can use in your assignment that you are doing.


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